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SIxTooLate EP

Recorded live at Camelot Studios, Dublin,  these tracks where origanly due to be recorded the same week Ireland went in to a full lockdown while the country (and world) came to terms with a global pandemic. The band continued to work on the tracks and hit the studio the first chance they got once restrictions on travel where lifted.  Recording six tracks in total the themes of these first 3 rang true of how a lot of people where feeling.  Plans are in place to finish the remaining 3 tracks to work on later in the year (lock down premitting).  

Insurrection EP

These tracks are the second half of SixTooLate's lockdown recordings. Not a band to miss an opportunity, every time lockdown restrictions were lifted they were quick to get back to Camelot studio's, usualy one at a time as safety demanded and managed to finish tracking for these monster songs. Mixed and Mastered by Lance from Camelot Studios, there is a definite move towards the heavier side of thier sound.

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